Current projects

DFG-Project (since2015)
Iron Age human subsistence, environment and climate in the Inner Congo Basin (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

DFG Long Term Project (since 2009)
Development of complex societies in sub-Saharan Africa: The Nigerian Nok Culture

Research Training Group (GK 1576, since 2010)
Value and Equivalence. The genesis and transformation of values from an archaeological and anthropological perspective


Concluded projects

DFG Project (2010/2011)
Human impact in coastal West Central Africa from the Iron Age to colonial times – reflected in the charcoal of Dibamba 1

DFG Research Unit (FOR 510, 2004-2009)
Ecological and cultural change in West and Central Africa

DFG Project (2005-2007)
Holocene vegetation history of Ounjougou/Mali

DFG Special Research Project (SFB 268, 1988-2002)
Cultural development and language history in the West African savanna

DFG/ANR Project (2008-2011)
Landscape archaeology in the Dogon country / Mali - Archéologie du Paysage au Pays Dogon / Mali

Volkswagen Foundation Project (1999-2001)
The Dahomey Gap: Vegetation history of the forest-savanna boundary in Benin and South West Nigeria